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"I think the best advice is to go out and make something. Even if it’s flawed. Even if you don’t quite have the money. Just make it. Don’t make just anything, make something you believe in, and have worked hard on — but make something. Don’t just talk about making something. See what it’s really like. Don’t be so precious or fearful about it that you never get anything out there at all. Don’t be too afraid of failure to learn what you need to learn."

Jennifer Westfeldt, Indiewire


THE MINDFUL ACTOR combines mindfulness meditation, sensory exercises, and improv which allow the actor to take the creative leap into the imaginary world of play and the life of the character.


The foundation of the class is based on providing a nurturing container to facilitate the student's creativity and respect for the process.


This class helps students discover their creative expression through the written word (scenes and monologues) and engages their creative humanity with the various characters they work on.

We specialize in the challenges of the working actor, offering tools for auditions and coaching that books the job!

About Us


Lori Lowe is such an inspiring individual, and helped me become in-tune with myself, and becoming in-tune with others around me. The week of classes were nothing but bittersweet. Lori helped me with the openness and vulnerability of oneself, and becoming aware of these characteristics. My actors’ tool box is surely filled with techniques that will help make my dreams come true. Thanks so much Lori! 

Jake Gladwin


Lori has been a gift to us as a both an acting coach, a mentor, a friend and just a supporter of my daughter and her craft. The technique she uses is an uplifting change to the typical methods used by everyday acting coaches. It has been wonderful to watch my daughter really work on her listening and reacting skills and in such a warm relaxing and accepting environment. Lori really focuses on getting her students to make connections to the character and let their inner spirit come out and shine. Since working with Lori, my daughter has gained confidence as an actor, booked a co-star TV role and has had 2 great call-backs for major feature films. We are so thankful to have had her come into our lives!

Jackie and Skylar

Mother of Child Actor

It was a pleasure and privilege to work under the direction of Lori in my summer performance workshop last year.  In addition to skill and professionalism, Lori brought a positive energy and kindness that made the experience truly joyful.  Lori is a special individual who will stay in my heart forever.

Judy Permutt

Attorney at Law

Lori has worked with me on developing scripts and she has directed several of my plays. I say work, but it is not work. It is a living experience of sharing, love, and understanding that has made actors and me better artists and, more importantly, people.   She is a joy to have along on your journey - and it is never about her journey, it is about yours.  

Lloyd Pace


Lori Lowe has directed my work and other plays for Axial Theatre Company. As a director, she brings a keen and astute eye to the underbelly of each play. Lori has great respect for the playwright's text and creates safe space for the actors to explore each role. She is a great communicator with every member of the production team. Lori's passion for the work and her willingness to roll up her sleeves for each production makes her an invaluable anchor and collaborator.

Linda Guiliano

Associate Artistic Director/ Literary Manager, Axial Theatre Company

Lori is my dream director - only she's real! Supportive, nurturing and insightful, she creates a safe environment for her actors to play, to honor their impulses, and to explore the text and the characters. Lori's vision and instincts are superb; working with her is collaboration at its best!

Kathryn Neville Browne


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