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Longtime friends and co-writers, Lori Lowe and Rachel Jones have created Aging Beauty Productions, a company whose mission statement is to create dimensional, juicy roles for women over 50. We write, direct, produce and act in all our own features. We hire local actors in the NY and the CT area. We believe that talent knows no geography, great talent is often unknown and women kick ass at all ages!




Lola and Roxy, best friends and baby boomers in their fifties struggle to renegotiate their contracts with life. Balancing hormones, teenagers, and careers, hilarity ensues as Lola goes off to a mindfulness retreat with her soon to be ex-husband hot on her heels. Roxy is left minding the store, a trendy consignment boutique she co-owns with Lola. A classic buddy film about life, love and the pursuit of mindfulness.


Lori Lowe, artistic director of The Mindful Actor will direct The Third Act. Rachel Jones will be co-starring in the film. Ms. Jones runs the Actor’s Circle of Brookfield Ct, and directs, acts and teaches for Axial Theatre in Westchester, New York.


The Third Act will shoot in Westchester County,  and on the Connecticut shoreline. The cast includes Kathryn Neville Browne, Sal Rendino, Patrick Davin, Dan Walworth, and James C. Tilton.


This is a SAG and NON SAG production.

Learn about our new movie "The Third Act" being filmed right here on the CT Shoreline!

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